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For Patients

Just as you would empower your patient with information about health issues such as hypertension or bone loss, it is important to offer resources for overweight patients navigating a health-care system where they may have felt frustrated in the past. This section contains patient surveys you can use to assess your practice, resources for patients interested in weight management and fighting bias, and general tips on patient-provider communication. This is where you go for answers to questions like:

How can I see my practice through an obese patient’s eyes?

How can I empower patients to feel comfortable discussing weight issues with me or with other clinicians?


All documents are in PDF format.

Title Page
How to Be Informed and Assertive
How to Talk with Your Doctor
Talking to Your Doctor About Your Weight
If You Are the Target of Weight Bias
Survey of Weight Sensitive Health Care
Rate Your Health Care
Support Groups and Parent Advocacy