Child patient and health care provider

For Pediatric Practices

Overweight children are frequently teased and bullied, while their parents are often blamed for not providing a healthy diet. Pediatric practices have a crucial role to play in encouraging healthy lifestyles and providing support as families deal with bias issues. This module provides resources for providers and families as well as an introduction to the literature on children’s experience of weight bias. You will examine:

How can I support healthy changes without reinforcing the child’s stigmatizing experiences?

What does the research tell us about overweight children’s perception of health care?


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Title Page
Pediatricians: How to Talk to Parents
Pediatricians: How to Discuss Weight
Parents: How to Talk about Weight
Weight Bias: Information for Parents
Is Your Child a Weight Bias Target?
Parents: How to Talk About Weight Bias
Parents: Ways to Combat Weight Bias
Additional Resources for Families
Relevant Research Articles
Helping Your Overweight Child