Patient exam

For Ob/Gyn Practices

General issues of weight bias and patient discomfort are intensified in the ob/gyn setting. Obese women are less likely to receive many women’s health screenings, including breast exams and pap smears. This module introduces evidence-based techniques to build a comfortable environment and discuss health issues in a supportive way. Contents will help you discover:

What policies and procedures will motivate patients to receive preventive care on schedule?

How can slight changes in my language make a significant difference in patient care?


All documents are in PDF format.

Title Page
Introduction and Summary
Obstacles in Providing Quality Care
Patient Reports of Weight Bias
Consequences of Weight Bias
Improving Ob/Gyn Care for Obese Patients
BMI, Weight Bias, Provider’s Challenge
Sensitive Weighing Procedures
Finding Appropriate Medical Equipment
Relevant Research Articles
Toward Sensitive Treatment of Obese Patients
Toward Sensitive Treatment – Discussion
Medical Care for Obese Patients