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Creating a Respectful Environment

Only one in 11 physicians has a scale that goes over 300 pounds. That is just one example of how health care settings have not kept pace with the reality of a heavier population. With more than 60 percent of American adults overweight and a quarter of those obese, a practice setting that is not designed with large patients in mind is dangerously antiquated. Through information, resources, and check lists this module will help you answer:

What factors should I keep in mind when purchasing equipment?

How can we change procedures to make sure patients of all sizes receive thorough, respectful exams?


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Title Page
Introduction and Summary
Checklist for Assessing Office Environment
Promoting a Positive Office Environment
Sensitive Weighing Procedures
Finding Appropriate Medical Equipment
Sensitive Treatment of Obese Patients
Sensitive Treatment – Discussion
Assessment and Management of Adult Obesity
Medical Care for Obese Patients