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Self Assessment

Even the most enlightened, intelligent, and well intentioned professionals harbor some bias, often so subtle that they are unaware of it. This module contains a number of tools that will help you assess personal attitudes and uncover potential bias toward obese people that you may have. The exercises are challenging and important. Becoming aware of your own attitudes can help you ask important questions:

How does my practice reflect my own attitudes?

What can I do to become a more welcoming and supportive provider for all my patients?


All documents are in PDF format.

Title Page
Becoming Sensitive to Weight Bias
Identify Personal Attitudes
Identify Your Attitudes - slide
Identify Your Attitudes - notes
Guided Group Discussions
Bias by Obesity Health Pros - slide
Bias by Obesity Health Pros - notes
BMI, Weight Bias, Provider’s Challenge
Relevant Research

Self-assessment Tools:
Introduction to Self Assessment
Introduction to ATOP & BOAP Tools
Attitudes Toward Obese Persons (ATOP)
ATOP (Spanish)
Beliefs About Obese Persons (BAOP)
BAOP (Spanish)
Scoring Instructions ATOP BAOP
Antifat Attitudes Scale
Fat Phobia Scale

IAT Instructions and Test Forms
IAT introduction
IAT instruction slides
Scoring the IAT
IAT instructions
IAT Form Insects-Bad
IAT Form Insects-Good
IAT Form Fat People-Bad
IAT Form Fat People-Good
IAT Form Fat People-Lazy
IAT Form Fat People-Motivated
IAT Form Fat People-Smart
IAT Form Fat People-Stupid